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Humanitarian operation in Aleppo and the international chess

Marcelo Rech

On July 28, Russia launched in Aleppo, in Syria, a humanitarian operation supported by the majority of the European and Asian countries, like Serbia and China. The ministry of Defense also presented a formal proposal to join the United States as a way of minimizing the tragedy for the innocent civilians.

The military confrontation in the city with the direct participation of Russia and Syria, and with the support of Iran, Israel and Turkey, undermines the Western political project in the region and may change the course of history.

The situation in Aleppo reached its apex with the creation of a "pocket" where there are the sympathizers of the Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations. The Russian plan predicts the creation of eight humanitarian corridors for the civilians and for the combatants who decide to abandon arms.

Apparently, to break the dorsal spine of the terrorists in the Middle East, Moscow does not need the support of the coalition anti-Islamic-State led by the United States. The perception is the fact that after almost one year of presence in the real theater of operations, the Russian Armed Forces appear able to execute the attributed tasks.

In the international chess, the Syrian civil war is more and more decisive. And Russia has been showing that it can play like a power, given its military capacity, its presence in the Syrian territory (attending request of the leader Bashar al-Assad and following the rules of the international right), and the support of influential players in the region, which dispose of the mightiest armies of the Middle East.

Of course, in this scenery of war might, the accusations against the Russians are predictable, though unproven. The Russian soldiers are accused of bombing civilian infrastructures even when the targets are checked three times by the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS), as from information of counter-intelligence supplied by the Syrian agency Mukhabarat.

The coordinates are then confirmed by unmanned air vehicles. That done, the VKS in Syria receive the complete information. The attacks are wielded with special ammunitions that are guided, in order to destroy targets in dense urban areas. The use of a system of triple checking of coordinates intends to avoid the loss of civilians.

Moreover, despite the fact that the United States and its allies recognize officially the Jabhat al-Nusra as a terrorist organization, Washington makes an effort to avoid its complete defeat in Aleppo.

The fear is that the destruction of the terrorists put an end to the strategic-political project of the West in the region. A project that does not have the support of the local population. It is also important to point out that the term “moderate opposition” is nothing but a piece of fiction created to sustain the propaganda that legalizes the terror amid the political struggle.

The siege of Aleppo, second bigger city of Syria, and the failure of the Western project in the country may put an end to the policy of double standards that thrived in the Middle East in the last decade.

Marcelo Rech is a journalist, editor of the InfoRel and specialist in International Relations and Defense. E-mail:

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