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Statement by Minister Celso Amorim at the Conferen

Iran: Pressure against poor people maybe influence

Iran: Pressure against poor people maybe influenced

The Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, explained this Wednesday, that the five permanent members of the Security Council may have pressed the poor countries that integrate the organism to vote for new sanctions against Iran.

Amorim participated in public audience in the Commission of Exterior Relations of the Chamber of the Deputies and defended, again, the role of Brazil in the agreement signed by the Iranians on May 17.

According to him, “there are nations that are more fragile. When we owed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) we also couldn´t say everything that we were thinking”.

The chancellor also affirmed that the role of Brazil in the negotiations with Teheran doesn´t legitimize the political regime of the country.

“Everything that we did was managing to approve what was proposed by the countries of the Security Council”, he remembered.

He still said that, after the signature of the Declaration of Teheran – agreement mediated by Brazil and Turkey, through which Iran commits to exchange uranium lightly enriched by fuels – the Organization of the United Nations (UNO) started to have an “immense haste” to approve the resolution with sanctions against the Islamic country.

In his opinion, that happened because the international opinion saw merits in the agreement.

“The objective on focus now is different from the one that had been confirmed three weeks before the trip of President Lula to Iran”, the Minister emphasized.

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