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Iranian activists demand posture from Brazil

Iranian activists demand posture from Brazil

The Commission of Human Rights of the Chamber of the Deputies carried out, this Tuesday, public audience with the presence of the Iranian activists Hadi Ghaemi and Parvin Ardalan, which demanded concrete actions of Brazil regarding the violations committed by the government of Iran.

The two criticized the posture adopted by ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and said that they were disappointed with the foreign politics of Brazil in the last two years.

They asked so that Brazil co-sponsors a resolution that will be voted on February 28 in the Commission of Human Rights of the United Nations. The proposal intends to establish the extern monitoring of the Iranian situation.

It isn´t discarded the sending of a group of Brazilian parliamentarians to Iran to know the local reality.

According to the activists, only in last year, 542 Iranians were executed by the regime of the ayatollahs. Every eight hours a person is hanged in Iran.

For Parvin Ardalan, “the Brazilian government mustn´t hear only what the government says, but also the Iranian society”.

This Wednesday, the two meet with the international adviser of the Presidency of the Republic, Marco Aurélio Garcia and advisers of the minister of Human Rights, Maria do Rosário. On Thursday, they discuss the position of Brazil in the CDH with Ambassador Vera Machado, Political Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

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