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Iranian of the Quds Force entered in Brazil

Iranian of the Quds Force entered in Brazil

Esmail Ghaani, lieutenant of Qassem Suleimani, Commander of the Quds Force, was one of the five Iranians who entered in Brazil without visa, in the company of the President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, last November.

The Federal Police had informed not to have found information about it, but they backtracked this Tuesday.

The Director-General of the organ, Luiz Fernando Corrêa, informed that Ghaani received authorization for conditioned landing in service to the solicitation of the embassy of Iran.

In the vision of the president of the Joint Commission for the Control of Intelligence Activities (CCAI), senator Eduardo Azeredo (Brazilian Social Democratic Party / state of Minas Gerais), the Minister of Justice, Luiz Paulo Barreto, made a mistake while answering the request of information about the illegal entry of the integrant of the Iran Revolutionary Guards in the country.

In answer sent for the commission, Barreto affirms that they hadn´t found entry or departure registers in the name of Esmail Ghaani, even “with different spellings consulted”, as an individual connected with international terrorist movements.

In the evaluation of the senator, the Minister “committed serious mistake” and wasn´t “politically intelligent” while answering that there was no person with that name, not even with similar spelling.

Luiz Fernando Corrêa explained that the system of data of the Federal Police, because of not being phonetic, initially provided an answer that said that the name of Esmail Ghaani didn’t exist.

He said still that the name is not included in the list of people who are forbidden of entering the country and neither is included in the Interpol list.

The Director-General of the Brazilian Agency of Intelligence (Abin), Wilson Trezza, informed that several consultations to the agencies of Intelligence of other countries were carried out before the visit of Ahmadinejad, which came true in November, but was predicted for May of 2009.

Trezza secured what no agency confirmed if Esmail Ghaani is or not an Iranian agent of Intelligence or a member of terrorist movement, with intentions of making contact with enterprises for uranium enrichment and subsequent transference to Iran, dribbling the embargo imposed by the United Nations.

Eduardo Gradilone, director of the Consular Department and of Brazilians in the Overseas, of the Minister of Foreign Relations, affirmed that the conditioned landing is a routine proceeding.

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