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Brazil and Colombia will discuss regional agenda

Israel looks for support against Iran in the Latin

Israel looks for support against Iran in the Latin America

The Israeli government believes that it needs to act to neutralize the advancement of Iran in the Latin America, potentiated principally after the pledge of Brazil in obtaining an agreement for its nuclear program.

Besides Brazil, Iran has the support of Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela, with which it has been securing agreements of cooperation, inclusive in nuclear themes.

Last Wednesday, the Undersecretary of Strategic Subjects of Israel, Alon Bar, landed in Quito.

He met with representatives of the media, authorities of the government, academics and university professors.

Currently, Bar was already in Costa Rica, Colombia, South Korea, China, Guatemala, Peru and Chile.

The government of Israel intends to form a coalition with European and Latin-American countries to avoid that the Iranian nuclear program advances.

Alon Bar recognized that it is necessary to do more management in the Latin America, where Iran reached significant and preoccupying support.

According to him, Israel will not disrespect the decisions of each State regarding their foreign politics, but it considers responsibility of Israel itself to explain the possible damages that the country might suffer if Iran insists in maintaining the program.

It isn’t predicted the arrival of Alon Bar in Brazil, but Israel considers president Lula’s gesture of supporting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the most expressive one in the region.

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