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Brazil and China reinforce military cooperation

Joint Communiqué ‘Brazil – China’

Joint Communiqué ‘Brazil – China’

The Adviser of State and Minister of Defense of the People´s Republic of China, Army General Liang Guanglie, in official visit to Brazil in the period of September 7 to September 10 of 2010, and his host, the Minister of Defense of Brazil, Nelson Azevedo Jobim, were reunited this Wednesday, September 8, in the city of Brasilia.

In the occasion, the two Ministers made a joint evaluation of the themes of the bilateral relations. Both sides agreed that the peace and the economical and social development represent the principal challenges of our epoch.

In the context of the defense, both sides agree that the incitement to the cooperation constitutes important instrument for the attainment of these objectives.

At the same time, the Ministers understand that new global challenges are outlined in the horizon, demanding even more cooperation between the nations, especially to safeguard the common interests of the countries in development, the peace and the regional and global stability.

They agreed that the relations between the Armed Forces constitute important components of the Strategic Partnership between China and Brazil.

The exchange and cooperation between the two countries in the themes of defense and security favor the enrichment of the content of the Strategic Partnership between them and the greater development of the bilateral relations.

They reiterated their satisfaction with the positive results of the exchange and cooperation between the areas of defense of both countries, specially of their Armed Forces – with exchanges of visits of high level, professional training and formation -, and they consider wide the perspectives of cooperation of the two countries.

The two Ministers reached the following consensus about the actions needed to continue with the strengthening of the exchange and of the dialog in several areas:

1. To intensify even more the exchange of visits of military delegations of high level and to increase the knowledge and mutual confidence;

2. To deepen the mechanism of the Joint Committee ‘China-Brazil’ of Exchange and Cooperation between the Ministries of Defense, through which the cooperation between the two sides is promoted. They confirmed the realization of the Second Meeting of the Joint Committee ‘China-Brazil’ inBrazil, in 2011;

3. To keep on reinforcing the cooperation in the areas of formation of personnel and training. The Chinese side showed interest in carrying out joint training between the two Armies in China, in 2011, and between pilots of two Air Forces; The Brazilian side showed its favorable reaction to the Chinese proposal to participate of training in operational skydiving of high altitude and also to receive courses of Portuguese language in Brazil;

4. To keep on intensifying the exchange and the cooperation in the areas of specific technologies, as well as the observation of the international peace, the aeronautical control and the security of the aviation.

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