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Joint Communiqué ‘Brazil-Spain’

Joint Communiqué ‘Brazil-Spain’

On September 15 of 2010, in the Itamaraty, Brasilia, was carried out the II Consular Meeting of High Level between Brazil and Spain.

The Meeting was opened by the Undersecretary-General of the Brazilian Communities Abroad, of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, and by the Ambassador of Spain in Brazil, and was led by the consular Directors of both countries, with the participation of high officials of the two Chancelleries and Ministries of Justice, Migration and Police Affairs.

The meeting elapsed in an atmosphere of cooperation and confidence, which was shown in the wide diversity of themes treated: exchange of information about policies for the respective national communities abroad; consular policies; migratory policies; security in the area of travel documents; police and legal cooperation.

Before recent ramifications of the theme, the Meeting treated also of the struggle against the human trafficking and of the aid to nations in violence situation, emphasizing the distinction that must be done between the criminal theme and migratory questions.

About the travelers´ inadmissibility in the respective countries, which motivated the First Meeting, both sides agreed with the positive evolution of the bilateral understandings.

Both sides reviewed the implementation of the measures agreed in the end of the First Meeting (according to the Note to the Press n ° 149 of 1st of April of 2008), which are the following: 1. exchange of detailed information and spread of entry requisites; 2. establishment of a “hotline” between consular authorities and migratory authorities of the two countries; 3. periodic meetings between consular authorities and migratory authorities; 4. reinforcement of the police cooperation and in immigration questions; 5. improving of the legal aid the to unadmitted people, besides the guarantee of more access to their belongings and other items; 6. installation of ATMs in areas susceptible to access by unadmitted people, besides the facilitation of their re-embarking, reducing the waiting period.

Both sides agreed that there were advancements in all these points and they pledged to keep on cooperating to improve these mechanisms.

The conversations demonstrated the achieved advancements, since there was evolution from discussions of more general extent (which predominated in the First Meeting) to more punctual agreements involving particular situations of inadmissibility of Brazilians.

It was remembered that the number of Brazilians unadmitted in Spain fell from 3,134, in 2007, to 1,994, in 2009.

In conclusion, the Second Consular Meeting of High Level ‘Brazil-Spain’ confirmed the usefulness of the bilateral mechanism for the treatment of consular and migratory issues, as well as the efficiency of the instruments agreed during the First Meeting, and ended with the compromise of deepening the cooperation and carrying out new advancements in the treatment of such themes.

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