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Joint Communiqué Brazil – Zambia

Joint Communiqué Brazil – Zambia

At the invitation of the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, His Excellency, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the President of the Republic of Zambia, His Excellency, Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda, paid a State visit to Brazil from 15th to 18th, November, 2010. President Banda was accompanied by Honourable Kabinga J. Pande, M.P., Minister of Foreign Affairs, Honourable Bradford Machila, M.P., Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Honourable Dora Siliya, M.P., Minister of Education, Honourable Maxwell Mwale, M.P., Minister of Mines and Mineral Development, Honourable Lwipa Puma, M.P., Deputy-Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, and senior Government officials.


2. The meeting of the two Presidents in Brasília was marked by the spirit of cooperation, and both leaders expressed their intention to join efforts towards the strengthening of the relations of the Republic of Zambia and the Federative Republic of Brazil, at bilateral and multilateral levels.


3. During the meeting, there was a review of the actions on Technical Cooperation, within the scope of the Basic Agreement of Technical Cooperation, signed on 14th, March, 2006. Both Presidents congratulated each other for the enhancement in the bilateral relations, boosted by the signing of eight new agreements and two Memoranda of Understanding during the visit by President Lula to the Republic of Zambia, on 7th and 8th, July, 2010.They attached special importance to the Memorandum of Understanding in the Fields of Food and Nutritional Security and Humanitarian Assistance, which created the program “Zero Hunger Zambia”, as well as to the Complementary Agreement to the Technical Cooperation Agreement to Implement the Project “Production of Bio-fuels”. Both documents have already entered into force.


4. Presidents Banda and Lula discussed the fields in which the two countries have mutual interest and are already developing projects of technical cooperation, such as Agriculture, Education and Professional Training, Energy, Sports, Culture and Health. The President of Zambia also proposed new fields where cooperation could be promoted in the near future, such as Defense and Security, Manufacturing, Livestock and Fisheries, Urban Development, Science and Technology, Transport and Air Services.


5. Both Presidents welcomed the investments in mineral production in Zambia by the Brazilian company Vale, an outstanding initiative which gives concrete picture to the increasing involvement of the private sector in the promotion of the economic relations between both countries. In this regard, they also commended the Zambia-Brazil Business Forum, held in São Paulo, on November, 17th, 2010, addressed personally by President Banda. The Business Forum was organized by the private sector, to promote commercial activities between Brazil and Zambia, and was attended by the business communities representing the private sector from both countries.


6. Following the official talks held by the two Presidents, President Rupiah Bwezani Banda and President Lula da Silva witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of Zambia and the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil concerning the Establishment of a Mechanism of Political Consultation, whose objective is to create a permanent channel of bilateral dialogue. Further, the two leaders directed that the 2nd Meeting of the Brazil-Zambia Joint Committee of Coordination be convened in the first semester of 2011.


7. Concerning the international and multilateral fields, the Presidents exchanged views related to the South-South Cooperation as well as the global governance.


8. With regard to the South-South Cooperation, President Lula reiterated the importance of the partnership between Zambia and Brazil, especially in the context of the cooperation between the Southern Africa region and South America, and expressed the Brazilian intention to promote the economic development of the African partner, stimulating the increasing of commercial and technical exchange.


9. Both Presidents reaffirmed the solidarity of South-South Cooperation as an instrument for the accomplishment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, and manifested their convergence of opinion on the questions related to the Climate Change and the development of renewable energy sources. Moreover, they renewed their common commitment to the reinforcement of the strategic partnership and inter-regional cooperation between the African and South American continents, through the framework of the Cooperative Forum of Africa-South America (ASA), whose third Summit is scheduled to be held in Libya, in September 2011.


10. With reference to the global governance, the two Heads of State outlined the importance of reinforcing the participation of emerging and developing countries in the world decision making bodies, such as the Security Council of the United Nations. They also emphasized the need to reform the international financial systems and reaffirmed their commitment to a fast, balanced and development oriented conclusion to the Doha Round of the World Trade Organization. They also agreed that a successful conclusion of such Round of Negotiations will strengthen the credibility and legitimacy of the world trade multilateral system before the protectionist pressures.


11. Satisfied with the fruitful event, Presidents Rupiah Banda and Lula da Silva congratulated each other for the productive environment that marked their meeting, which, according to their perception, contributed to the deepening of the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.


12. The President of the Republic of Zambia also expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality accorded to him and his delegation by the people and the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil during his stay in the country.

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