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Latin America debates oil use and generation of en

Latin America debates oil use and generation of energy

Government authorities and specialists that integrate the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) meet between October 25 and 29 in Manágua, Nicaragua, to discuss plans of reduction of the oil use and the generation of electric energy.

Ministers of Energy of 26 countries of the region already confirmed presence.

There is a regional understanding that the reduction of oil and its derivatives to produce energy must be implemented in all the Latin-American and Caribbean countries, being them producers or not.

The idea is to promote the reduction of the oil use and the greater use of renewable sources of energy, which, besides environmentally friendly, are cheaper.

In the meeting, will be discussed the energetic efficiency and the economy of energy, will be elected the new Executive-Secretary of the OLADE for the period from 2011 to 2014 and will be analyzed the entry of Belize to the organization.

Also, the Director Committee, the Forum of Regional Energetic Integration and the Board of Experts of the organism will reunite.

The OLADE was founded in 1973 and its permanent headquarters are in Quito, Ecuador.

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