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Security Council ignores agreement and approves sa
USA accepts to inform Unasur about agreement with

Lula believes that sanctions to Iran weaken the UN

Lula believes that sanctions to Iran weaken the UN

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva affirmed that the decision of imposing new sanctions to Iran, by the Security Council, weakens the Organization of the United Nations (UNO).

The decision was useful so that Lula returned to defend a reform of the Organization with the enlargement of its most important group, with the entry of Latin-American, Asian and African countries.

He criticized five permanent members, the only ones with power of veto and, according to the president, that act as if they were “owners” of the Security Council.

Lula explained that, 17 years ago, the integrants of the Council were favorable to the reform of the organism, but the reform never happened.

According to Lula, Brazil and Turkey voted against the sanctions because its leaders guaranteed an agreement that might put a “final dot” in the crisis.

“I, sincerely, hope that Ahmadinejad remains undisturbed”, he pointed out.

Chancellor Celso Amorim reaffirmed that Brazil keeps on defending an negotiated solution to the crisis.

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