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Chancellor defends Brazilian acting in agreement w
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Lula defends help of Brazil to the neighbor countr

Lula defends help of Brazil to the neighbor countries

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva defended, in meeting with the Salvadorian colleague Mauricio Funes, that “Brazil has the duty of helping the neighbor and partner countries”.

In Lula´s evaluation, the regional development brings benefits to the country.

“In a correct commercial policy there must be equilibrium. Brazil will only be richer if its neighbors have a more developed economy. The more a country of Latin America grows, more Brazil grows”, he affirmed.

For the president, Brazil must not be afraid of seeing its partners strengthened.

He used the occasion to reinforce the Brazilian policy regarding Paraguay, which includes the financing of an energy transmission line that will put an end to the blackouts in Assunção.

Lula believes that this is the best way in order to convince the Paraguayans that the Treaty of Itaipu is beneficial for both countries.


Lula again defended the production of ethanol as an economical alternative for El Salvador.

Brazil seeks the way of making easy the entry of the bio-fuel in the North American market.

The United States collect tax of US$ 0.54 per gallon of the Brazilian ethanol.

If the same product enters via El Salvador, there is no tax payment, once the country is benefited by commercial agreements.

Mauricio Funes affirmed that “when you are of the Left, you have to work the double to get the confidence of the businessmen”.


Mauricio Funes and Lula participated, in São Paulo, of the Business Meeting ‘Brazil – El Salvador’ carried out in the headquarters of the Federation of Industries of São Paulo (FIESP).

That was the second official visit of the Salvadorian president to Brazil since he assumed the post, in June of 2009.

The two presidents examined subjects of the bilateral agenda, like the intensification of the technical cooperation between the two countries, and of the regional agenda, like the possibility to discuss again an Agreement between the MERCOSUR and the Central American Integration System (SICA), and the progress of the conversations about the Community of Latin-American and Caribbean States.

In the opportunity, were signed the Protocol of Intentions for the Introduction of the Centre of Professional Formation ‘Brazil-El Salvador’ and Complementary Adjusts to the Agreement of Bilateral Cooperation in sectors like professional formation, tourism, public security, social development and welfare.

Last year, the commercial exchange between Brazil and El Salvador surpassed US$ 200 millions, of which more than US$ 190 millions corresponded to Brazilian exports.

From January to June of 2010, the bilateral exchanges added up US$ 73.2 millions.

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