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Mercosur approves resources for Paraguay

Mercosur approves resources for Paraguay

The Work-Table of Itaipu, organized by the Minister of Foreign Relations of Paraguay, approved, on September 13, the contract with the Fund of Structural Convergence of the Mercosur (FOCEM), which will allow the construction of the line of transmission of energy of 500kV between the bi-national factory and Asunción.

The cost of the work is estimated in US$ 500 millions.

According to the Paraguayan minister of Mines and Energy, now it will be possible to bid the work. The necessary announcements will be made until September 20.

The Paraguayan government also analyses, weekly, informs prepared by the embassy of the country in Brasilia regarding the approval of the reversal notes that could allow the adjustment of the value paid by Brazil in the energy re-bought from Paraguay.

The process didn´t advance because the opposition threatened to use the theme in the political campaigns of this year, in Brazil.

Thus, the government of Lula decided to discuss the issue only after the electoral process, which must end on October 25.

Even so, the Paraguayan government decided to maintain the offensive so that Brazil fulfills the commitment.

The approval of these notes by the National Congress will triplicate the value of the energy paid by Brazil to Paraguay.

Currently, Paraguay receives US$ 120 millions annually. With the approval of the agreement, it will start to receive US$ 360 millions.

The agreement was secured by presidents Lula and Fernando Lugo on July 25 of 2010.

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