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‘Colombia-Venezuela’: the smart move of Uribe
The South American Council of Defense advances

Military agreement ‘Brazil – United States’

Military agreement ‘Brazil – United States’

The Secretary of Politics, Strategy and International Affairs of the Ministry of Defense, brigadier Marco Aurélio Gonçalves Mendes, explained that the agreement ‘Colombia – United States’ is still in the agenda of the South American Council of Defense (CDS).

In July, representatives of the twelve countries discussed the content of a publication of the United States Air Force about the use of military bases in Colombia.

Mendes points out that a resolution of the CDS obliges all the countries to include in their cooperation agreements in Defense a guarantee clause to the sovereignty and territoriality of the rest.

According to him, the military agreement secured by Brazil with the United States was the first one to include this clause.

Mendes also explained that, because of being a framework agreement, the respective ministries of Foreign Relations also are involved.

For the soldier, the way Brazil led the issue contributed to avoid tensions  such as those lived in Colombia.

“The agreement ‘Brazil – United States’ was anticipated to the neighbor countries in a personal way. Minister Nelson Jobim spoke to each one of them and our diplomacy worked in advance. We adopted a posture of respect with the neighbor countries. We had a proactive attitude”, he pointed out.

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