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Military agreement ‘Colombia – USA’ may not be don

Military agreement ‘Colombia – USA’ may not be done

This Tuesday, the Constitutional Court of Colombia will analyze the terms of the military agreement secured with the United States and which will allow the use of seven Colombian bases by North American soldiers.

The agreement secured last October created a crisis with Venezuela that has spread throughout the region.

The Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR) demanded guarantees of the former president Álvaro Uribe that the sovereignty of the neighbor countries would be respected.

Brazil and Venezuela led a movement that turned in an extraordinary meeting of the block, in which Colombia had to explain itself.

Colombian jurists understand that it isn´t about enlargement of a military agreement, but about a new treaty, which demands approval by the Legislative Power.

A first magistrate gave an unfavorable opinion of the agreement. Now, the set of Ministers will analyze the issue.

The Constitutional Court also must recommend that the agreement isn´t in force until a final decision is announced.

Activists and defenders of the human rights of Colombia and the United States have been meeting around the bases in manifestation against the agreement.

They suspect that North American soldiers are already in the country.

The agreement will allow the United States to send 800 soldiers and 600 outsourced to operate in the seven bases.

The bases

The two countries secure that the agreement will be implemented only for the combat to the drug traffic and to the terrorism in Colombian territory.

The base of Palanquero shelters the Air Command of Combat Number 1 and is located in the city of Puerto Salgar, Department of Cundinamarca. The base has a runway in conditions of receiving airplanes of combat and load, like the T-33, Mirage, A37, Kfir and C130.

The United States reserved US$ 40 millions to improve the runway.

Apiay hosts the Air Command of Combat Number 2 and is located in Villavicencio, Department of Meta.

It is one of the principal bases for offensive operations against the Farc and the interdiction of airplanes of the drug traffic.

Super Tucano uses the base frequently together with the North American helicopters UH-60.

In the base of Malambo, Department of Atlântico, is the Air Command of Combat Number 3.

There, the Super Tucano, the A-37, the AC-47 and the helicopters UH-1H operate.

In the frontier of the cities of Cundinamarca and Tolima, there is the base of Tolemaida, exactly in the center of the country. It is the most important base of the Colombian Army.

It was from Tolemaida that departed the helicopters that rescued Ingrid Betancourt, the three North Americans and the Colombian soldiers, in the Operation Jaque, in July of 2008.

Elite groups are trained there with advisory of the United States.

The Base of Larandia, also of the Army, is situated in the Department of Caquetá.

The National Police and the Colombian Air Force also use this base, considered fundamental for the success of the Plan Colombia, started in 2000.

At present, it is the principal departure base of the Plan Patriota, the biggest military offensive against the Farc.

The base also is the headquarters the Task Force Omega, dedicated to chase the principal guerrilla leaders in the jungle.

Bahía Malaga belongs to the Naval Force of the Pacific and is the most important of the Colombian Navy in this Ocean.

It is located strategically between Ecuador and Panama and it has installations that allow operations of interception of quick motorboats and mini-submarines that transport great quantities of cocaine to the Central America and the United States.

In Cartagena there is the base that belongs to the Naval Force of the Caribbean, where frigates, submarines and ships of patrol moor.

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