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Minister confess vulnerabilities in the Armed Forc

Minister confess vulnerabilities in the Armed Forces

This Monday, the Minister of the Defense, Nelson Jobim, acknowledged that there are great operational vulnerabilities on the Defense, in the Brazilian Armed Forces.

He accompanied the military exercises of the Operation Atlântico 2, which joins Navy, Army and Air Force since July 19 in the Brazilian coast.

Jobim asked for a report about the principal operational deficiencies to the commanders of the exercise.

According to him, “our vulnerabilities are big. We can´t have nocturnal operations, for example. We haven´t anti-underwater missiles that could be launched of airplanes”.

The Operation Atlântico 2 reunites ten thousand soldiers and ends in July 30.

It is one of the routine joint operations that the Armed Forces carry out with the objective to perfect the employment of the Army, of the Navy and Air Force in situations of external threat.

Among the fulfilled exercises there is the defense of strategic installations, like the Nuclear Complex of Angra dos Reis.

The Minister affirmed still that this week, he will talk with president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva about the program of renovation of the fighters’ fleet of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), which uses the F-X2 fighters.

The Air Force believes that only after the elections there will be a definition regarding the program, that may inclusive be canceled so that the future government discusses the subject from January of 2011.

The French Rafale, the Swedish Gripen NG and the North American F-18 Super Hornet are the airplanes that dispute the concurrence of the FAB.

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