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Minister of the Defense affirms that decision abou

Minister of the Defense affirms that decision about fighter is near

Marcelo Rech


The Minister of the Defense, Nelson Jobim, affirmed this Saturday that the decision about the fighter that will be acquired by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), is near.


According to him, up to the end of the first two weeks of May, president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva must announce the winning model.


According to Jobim, the Project FX-2 was re-orientated on account of the National Strategy of Defense. The document alleges that the country mustn´t buy simply an airplane of war, but a technological packet that includes making the national industry capable.


In the future, Brazil wants to manufacture war airplanes of fifth generation.


Jobim remembered that the Project FX 2 was launched in 1995 and that in these 15 years there were several comings and goings.


“The Brigadier Saito (Commander of the Air Force, Juniti Saito) is a witness of the effort of the government for which the “re-orientated” project FX-2 makes real on time. The process is long. It provokes anxiety. However, we are very near of the final decision, this final decision that the president of the republic wants to take in the next 30 days”, he affirmed.


Brazil receives war helicopters


This Saturday, three of 12 Russian helicopters MI-35H (baptized by FAB of “AH-2 Sabre”) were delivered in the Air Base of Porto Velho (state of Rondônia).


Brazil will pay a total of US$ 363.9 millions for the business and Russia accepted to invest the same value as commercial compensation.


The Russian helicopters MI-35 were manufactured by Rostvertol and negotiated with the state-owned Roboronexport, responsible for any sale of material of defense in that country.


The nine remaining helicopters will be handed up until the end of 2011.


Closed in October of 2008, the negotiation involves a packet of 12 aircraft plus armaments and supplies for maintenance for five years.


Besides, the Russians will invest half of the value of the purchase in the tools installation, rows of seats and trainings for maintenance, which will be done mainly in Brazil, and training of pilots and mechanics, besides a flight simulator.


In the evaluation of the Commander of the Air Force, Brigadier Juniti Saito, “it is about a fighting platform, with furtive capacity, armaments of high precision and power to kill. The aircrafts are prepared for missions of air superiority (air control of the area of conflict) and of closure, so much daytime how much nocturnal”.


Nelson Jobim pointed out that with the installed maintenance area, the government will be able to share the knowledge with private enterprises that could bring more customers, taking care inclusive of the maintenance of aircraft that belong to other countries of the South America – like Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela – and to Africa.


The Minister also affirmed that the new helicopters will strengthen the inviolability of the Brazilian Amazon region, and reaffirmed the national sovereignity on the destinies of the region.


“Nobody comes to say how Brazil must treat the Amazon region. We will protect the Amazon region for us and for the world, and that the world knows about that”, he reiterated.

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