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National forum of Defense 2010

National forum of Defense 2010

On October 25 and 26, will be carried out, in Brasilia, the National Forum of Defense 2010, which will board the necessities of Brazil based in the National Strategy of Defense (END).

Civil and military specialists of the Armed Forces will discuss the strategic objectives of the Armed Forces aligned to the END.

For two days, the focus of the discussions will be concentrated in the importance of the National Strategy of Defense to boost the industry, the technological development of UAVs in Brazil and the budget of Brazil for the Defense in 2011.

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On Monday, October 25

8:20 – Opening:

Salvador Raza, National Defense University – Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (CHDS), Washington D.C. (USA)

8:30 – The Plan of Defense and Security in Brazil

– In the context of the National Strategy of Defense

– Strategic actions that are being developed

– Reorganization of the Armed Forces and the relation between them

– Restructuring of the Brazilian industry of material of defense and policy of composition of the effective ones

9:00 – Goals of the National Strategy of Defense and its importance for Brazil

– Modernization of the national structure of defense

– Budget for the Armed Forces

– ‘END’ versus ‘importance for the country’

Eurico de Lima, Professor of International Relations and Strategic Studies, Fluminense Federal University (NEST/UFF)

9:45 – Lecture: EADS Defence & Security

11:00 – Strategic Goals of the Brazilian Army under Orientation of the Concepts of Flexibility and Elasticity in the context of the National Strategy of Defense

– Concepts of flexibility and elasticity

– Strategic goals of the army aligned to the END

– Resources necessary for the fulfillment of the END

Gerson MENANDRO Garcia de Freitas, General of Division, Command of the Army

11:45 – Preparation and Employment of the Land Force in accordance with the National Interests and the National Strategy of Defense

– Goals of the Land Force

– Military education and the operational capacity of the Land Force

– Preparation and employment of the Land Force in accordance with the directives of the Commander of the Army

Carlos BOLIVAR Goellner, General of Division, Command of the Army

12:30 – Administration of the Heritage Estate of the Union

Wagner Olive tree GONÇALVES, General of Brigade, Command of the Army

13:15 – The Scientific and Technological Results Necessary to the Land Force Aligned to the END

– The importance of the department of Science & Technology in the National Strategy of Defense

– Results aligned to the END

– Technological-scientific results necessary to the Land Force produced by the Department of Science & Technology of the Army

Augusto HELENO Ribeiro, Army General, Command of the Army

15:00 – Strategic Goals of the Command of the Air Force under Orientation of the National Strategy of Defense

– Strategic goals of the Air Force aligned to the END

– ‘The importance of the Air Force’ versus ‘National Strategy of Defense’

– Capillarity of the Air Power in the whole Latin America and the motivations of the Brazilian government in its effort to modernize the Air Force

– The priority of the air vigilance, the power to assure local air superiority and the capacity of leading the combat to specific points of the national territory together with the Navy and the Army

15:45 – The Challenges and Advancements of Science, Technology and Innovation in the Brazilian Navy

– Technology advancements in the Brazilian Navy

– Scientific and technological research in the border areas

– Development of scientific and technological researches in the strategic areas of interest of the Defense

17:00 – The National Strategy of Defense and the ‘Plan of Articulation and Equipment of the Brazilian Navy’ (PAEMB)

– Plan of Articulation and Equipment

– ‘National Strategy of Defense’ versus ‘Navy’

– Strategic goals

– Control of maritime areas and of areas of power projection

– Assuring the ways to deny the use of the sea to any concentration of enemy forces that approaches Brazil

17:45 – The Role of the Navy in the Defense of the Pre-Sal

– Protection and Defense of the Brazilian Coast of the oil-producing basins

– System of Management of the Blue Amazon region

– Brazilian perspectives

– Fundamental role of the Navy in this process

18:30 – Closing

On Tuesday, October 26

8:20 – Opening

Salvador Raza, National Defense University – Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (CHDS), Washington D.C. (USA)


8:30 – The Importance of the National Strategy of Defense to Boost the Industry

– The growth of the industry of material of defense

– Movement of the productive chain

– Directives plan to modernize the arsenal of defense of the country

– Recovering of the sector

– The country’s capacity to reach the national sovereignty

– The necessity of adjustments and constant monitoring of the actions to guarantee the continuity of the project

Jairo Cândido, Director of the FIESP (Federation of Industries of São Paulo) – Division of Technological Innovation in Solutions for Defense

9:15 – The Capacity of the Industries of Materials of Defense for the Development of High Technologies of Interest to the National Defense

– The industries of materials of defense capable to develop, in partnership with scientific and technological military institutions, technologies in the areas of interest of the National Defense

– Acting areas

– The interaction of the scientific and technological development of interest to the Defense with the development of the production in the Industrial Base of Defense

– Challenges and proposals

Vice-Admiral Carlos Afonso Pierantoni Gambôa, Executive Vice-President of the Brazilian Association of the Industries of Materials of Defense and Security (ABIMDE)


10:30 – UAVs – From Military Operation to Tool of National Security

– Technological development of UAVs in Brazil

– Possible applications and requisites for future UAVs for Brazil

– Integration of civil and military projects – approximation in the defense sector

– How to surpass the challenges for UAVs in Brazil, like authorization of flights, operation in areas of air traffic, coordinated use by all the authorities, bureaucratic barriers and legislation, gaps regarding other countries

José Luiz Boanova Filho, Agent of the Federal Police – Department of Intelligence

11:15 – Lecture: Flight Technologies


13:30 – Discussion in which each Force will board the Budget for 2011 and the periods of medium and long term, and the Importance of Modernizing the National Structure of Defense

– Brazilian Budget for Defense in 2011

– Investments prescribed for works and improvements

– The purchasing power of the government

– The Master Plan as instrument of planning, execution and control of goals of the Navy in the END


15:00 – EADS Defence & Security

15:45 – Closing of the Forum

16:15 to 18:00 – Workshop: Public Safety: Security in Brazil through the FIFA World Cup of 2014 and the Olympic Games of 2016

The project of security of the FIFA World Cup and of the Olympic Games prescribes the integration between the Union and the local authorities of security in the intelligence areas.

Moreover, it will establish a strategy for the control of entry of people in the borders, ports and airports and will guarantee the safety of the stadiums and of important areas of the host-cities.

In this workshop, will be introduced the plan of public safety prepared for the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

– The involvement of the Armed Forces for the safety at major events

– ‘Borders’ versus ‘Host-Cities’ versus ‘Ports’ versus ‘Airports’

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