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Partnership ‘Brazil – France’ is strategic, Lula a
Agreement for submarines construction will be vote

Navy announces the construction of six nuclear sub

Navy announces the construction of six nuclear submarines

The Command of the Navy intends to build six nuclear submarines and 15 conventional ones up to 2047, according to announcement made by Admiral Júlio Soares de Moura Neto, this Monday.

According to him, the first conventional submarines must be incorporated to the Navy in 2016. In 2021, the first nuclear submarine will be delivered.

Moura Neto justifies the plan. According to him, the equipments are necessary for the defense of the sea platform of 350 miles, where the main oil and gas reserves of the country are kept.

The soldiers also are worried with the new international position of Brazil, which demands to enlarge the capacity of dissuasion.

Only in the basins of Santos and Campos, the Petrobras confirmed reserves of 50 billion barrels of oil.

Moura Neto explained that the nuclear submarine is the favorite one because of having the capacity of remaining submerged for long periods, of covering great distances and of being able to attack multiple targets.

The first nuclear submarine is being built in partnership with France and it will cost US$ 2.7 billions. The other five will cost around US$ 740 millions each.

The agreement with France involves around US$ 9.2 billions and the ministry of Defense assures that there will be technology transfer.

While the project of construction of the nuclear submarine advances, Brazil discusses the construction of one more power station.

The country intends to reunite conditions to produce internally all the necessary uranium to fuel the submarines.

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