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Navy bets in continuity of the project of the nucl

Navy bets in continuity of the project of the nuclear submarine

The Commander of the Navy, Admiral Júlio Soares de Moura Neto, discarded any possibility of discontinuity of the project of construction of the first Brazilian nuclear submarine by the next government.

According to Moura Neto, “this is a project of the Brazilian State, which wants to have a Navy at the height of its political and strategic projection in the world. Whoever becomes the president, he or she will understand the importance and will give continuity, supporting a great project that can´t stop”.

The Commander of the Navy remembered that the program of development of a nuclear reactor of the Navy was practically stopped for 30 years, between 1979 and 2009, because of lack of resources.

With the decision of the government of supporting the initiative, the program was retaken and the forecast is that the Brazilian nuclear submarine will be complete until 2020.

Moura Neto participates of the 24th Inter-American Naval Conference, which began this Monday and ends in September 17, in Rio de Janeiro.

The event will have the participation of representatives of the navies of 17 countries.


Admiral Julio Soares de Moura Neto also affirmed that the budget of the Brazilian Navy for the next year must be of R$ 4.7 billions.

According to him, “we are building patrol-ships and we had approved the construction of four conventional submarines and one nuclear one. The Navy had all its claims of growth granted. There was a great increase in the budget and in the investment of the Force”.

Moura Neto also showed that Brazil is maintaining conversations with navies of other countries, including the Chinese, about technological cooperation and construction of equipments. The plans must be detailed with the future visit of the Minister of the Chinese Navy to the country.

The deputy commander of Naval Operations of the US Navy, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, pointed out the wish of cooperating with Brazil.

Greenert indicated the necessity of developing actions of peace in the region and of reinforcing the struggle against the terrorism in the South Atlantic.

In his opinion, “Brazil is a leader among the South American nations and our navies can work jointly to guarantee the freedom in the seas, against the contraband and the terrorism”.

The commander of the Navy of Argentina, Admiral Jorge Omar Godoy, emphasized that there is strong political will between the Brazilian and Argentinean governments to work in an integrated way, including the exchange of information of the nuclear programs of both countries.

“The complementation between Brazilians and Argentineans will give us more strength so we present ourselves before the international community. I consider crucial, as a message to the world, our capacity in managing this kind of [nuclear] technology on behalf of the peace”, he affirmed.

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