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Partnership with China is a priority for Brazil
Ecuador wants the support of Brazil in preserving

North American senators lobby for fighter F-18

North American senators lobby for fighter F-18

This Monday, the republican senators John McCain (Arizona) and John Barrasso (Wyoming) met the Ministers of Defense, Nelson Jobim, of the Civil House, Antônio Palocci, vice president Michel Temer, and president Dilma Rousseff.

In the agenda, the defense of the fighters F-18 manufactured by Boeing and which dispute the auction of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) together with the Gripen NG, of the Swede company Saab, and the Rafale, of the French comapny Dassault.

Dilma Rousseff made clear that without technology transfer there is no business.

McCain committed himself in getting the guarantees of the Congress and of President Barack Obama of which there will be technology transfer if the chosen one is the North American airplane.

According to him, the F-18 is the best option for Brazil with no doubt.

Nelson Jobim reaffirmed that the subject must only be resolved in the end of the first semester. Even there, Dilma intends to meet in Washington with Obama.

Besides the Program FX, she wants to include other subjects in the discussion list with the North American government, like the access of the Brazilian ethanol to the market of the United States and the role of the great powers in the G-20.

The parliamentarians affirmed that they support a partnership between the two countries for the production and marketing of bio-fuels in the international market.

On the day of the inauguration, the president demanded more dialog of the USA with the region in conversation with the Secretary of States Hilary Clinton.

In the meeting with Jobim, the opposition parliamentarians to President Barack Obama talked about the acting of the Brazilian soldiers in Haiti.

According to the Minister, the soldiers act you not only in the security, but also in the reconstruction of the country that a year ago suffered one of the worst earthquakes of the history.

Jobim explained that Haiti doesn´t need only troops, but works of infrastructure and projects of investment and quoted, as example, the construction of a hydroelectric station in the country with the Brazilian support.

The Minister defended still a greater integration between Brazil and the United States in the support to Haiti.

The implementation of the National Strategy of Defense and of the Integrated System of Monitoring of Borders (Sisfron) also was discussed.

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