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OAS admits coups d´etat in the region

OAS admits coups d´etat in the region

The Secretary-general of the Organization of the American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, affirmed that the Latin America must be alert so that situations like the one that happened recently in Ecuador don´t happen again.

According to him, the region thought that the coup d´etat in Honduras, in June of 2009, had been an isolated phenomenon, but the uprising in Ecuador showed that the risk of new coups can´t be discarded.

“In our continent there are still people who, in spite of being a minority, are disposed to act and to exploit any situation to cause destabilization”, affirmed Isulza.

According to him, what happened in Ecuador last week was an attempt of coup d´etat.

“The intention of others that were in this crisis and that weren´t seen in the front line was of taking the insurrection to the destabilization of the government”, he assured.

In his opinion, the coup d´etat wasn´t accomplished thanks to lack of popular support.

José Miguel Insulza demanded the accountability of the coup leaders and affirmed that recordings prove the intention of killing president Rafael Correa.

“The democracy in Ecuador is solid and resisted an important attack. The country certainly was damaged by what happened, but there is sufficient leadership to go ahead”, he pointed out.

For the Secretary-general of the OAS, the region needs to understand that there is a great risk of coups d’etat and that only an effort of all in defense of the dialog is able to neutralize the destabilizing actions.

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