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OAS doesn´t compete with UNASUL

OAS doesn´t compete with UNASUL

The Secretary-General of the Organization of the American States, José Miguel Insulza, affirmed that the OAS doesn´t compete with the newly created Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR) and that the role reached by it is not a preoccupation.

He explained that the OAS took the denunciations presented by Colombia in July 27 to the government of Venezuela, which didn´t give any answer.

According to Insulza, the Organization can´t act if it isn´t requested.

He said still that even the evidence of camps of the Farc in Venezuelan territory doesn´t prove that they receive support of Hugo Chávez.

The OAS was isolated during the crisis that turned in the breakage of the diplomatic relations.

Venezuela considers the Organization linked to the government of the United States and demanded that the UNASUR mediate the understanding.

For José Miguel Insulza, the declaration of Chávez asking the Farc to leave the armed combat is significant.

In his opinion, irregular conflicts end with a military defeat that demands, subsequently, a political negotiation.


The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) showed interest in presenting to the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) its version for the Colombian internal conflict.

The proposal was discarded categorically by President Juan Manuel Santos, which demands of the soldiers “daily results” regarding the combats with the guerrilla.

For Santos, any dialogue with the Farc implies in releasing all the hostages in its power without conditionings and in the abandon of the armed combat.

Colombia made clear that doesn’t accept the mediation of the UNASUR and of no other international mechanism in its own problem.

The government of Santos believes that the strategy of the Farc is only the one of trying to “internationalize” the internal conflict of the country.

According to a note of the guerrilla, “in Colombia there are no guarantees for the political opposition”.

The drug-dealing terrorist organization justifies the armed combat as a means to the absence of conditions for the political dispute.

In the evaluation of the Secretary-General of the Organization of the American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, it is inconceivable an armed group that maintains people sequestrated for more than a decade to be called to discuss the conflict.

In the position of president pro tempore of the UNASUR, Ecuador, through Chancellor Ricardo Patiño, affirmed that the mechanism will respect the decision of the Colombian government.

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