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Opposition obstructs voting of agreement about Ita

Opposition obstructs voting of agreement about Itaipu

The Opposition to the government of president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took vantage of a “snooze” of the government base and got the approval of a request that demands the processing of the agreement ‘Brazil – Paraguay’ on the energy of Itaipu, in the Commission of Economical Development, Industry and Trade, of the Chamber of the Deputies.

Since the Project of Legislative Decree was already proceeding through the commissions of Mines and Energy and Foreign Relations, a Special Commission must be created to discuss the subject.

Based in the proposal, Brazil accepts to readjust from US$ 120 millions to US$ 360 millions the value paid for the excess energy bought from the neighbor.

In the last days of July, Lula and President Fernando Lugo must meet, but the subject won´t be resolved, what increases the political pressure on the Paraguayan president.

The government will still need to “knock down” one of the opinions about the agreement, that will be voted in the Commission of Foreign Relations, and that is opposite to the agreement.

In another attempt of postponing the decision, a request presented to the same Commission asks the participation of deputies and officials of the Legislature in Third International Seminar of Auditing in Bi-national Entities, promoted by the Inspectorate-General of Paraguay.

The meeting will be carried out in Assunção, on July 16, and it intends to detail the joint action of control of the bi-national entities and enterprises.

In December of 2009, the Accountability Office of Brazil (TCU) obeyed recommendation, made by the deputy Luiz Carlos Hauly (of the party PSDB-PR), so that the inspection organs carried out joint auditing.

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