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Paraguay: controversy by military airplanes of the

Paraguay: controversy by military airplanes of the United States

The Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo demanded explanations from the Minister of Defense, General Cecilio Pérez Bordón, on the presence of five military aircraft of the United States landed in the international airport of Asunción.

According to information of the ministry of Defense of Paraguay, the airplanes were there because of the presence of president Barack Obama in Brazil.

Pérez Bordón explained that North American authorities requested to the ministry of Defense the permission to land the aircraft during the two days in which Obama stayed in Brazil.

Four airplanes landed last Wednesday, March 23, three days before Obama start the flight from Washington to Brasilia. The fifth aircraft landed on Friday, 18.

Still according to the ministry of Defense, the five airplanes have already took off this Monday, towards Santiago, the second stop of Barack Obama in his travel for the South America.

The Minister of Defense assured that the airplanes landed in Paraguay only for precaution and that they didn’t bring armaments or diplomatic packets.

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