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Partnership ‘Brazil – France’ is strategic, Lula a

Partnership ‘Brazil - France’ is strategic, Lula affirms

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva affirmed, this Monday, in Rio de Janeiro, that the partnership between Brazil and France is strategic and that both countries are tuned around the main themes of the international agenda.

Lula was honored by the Chamber of Commerce ‘France – Brazil’ with the prize Personality 2010.

According to the president, the convergence between the two countries concerns the control of speculative capitals, the reform of the United Nations, the combat to the hunger and to the misery, and the balance between development and environment.

According to him, “our standpoint convergence with France consolidated in an agreement of strategic partnership, signed during the visit of Brazil to Paris, in July of 2005, in the government of president Chirac, and achieved with the adoption of the plan of action of the strategic partnership, secured in December of 2008, in the visit of president Sarkozy to Brazil.”

At present, Brazil and France develop projects of cooperation in the areas of defense, space research, agriculture and protection of the Amazonian biome.

Moreover, France disposes of the Brazilian support to join the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (OTCA), which is composed of eight countries.

President Nicolás Sarkozy participated of the event with a video in which he refers to Lula as a personal and dear friend.


The Minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim, present at the event, informed that President Lula will announce the winner of the auction of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) in the Program FX2, up to December 20.

Lula still will have a conversation with the elected president Dilma Roussef about that.

The possibility of the postponement of the announcement isn´t discarded. In this case, the decision will be responsibility of the next administration.

Dilma has been saying that her priority is the combat to the hunger and to the poverty, the same argument used by Lula to cancel the FX in 2003, after Fernando Henrique Cardoso decided to transfer the responsibility for the auction to the elected president, Lula.

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