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Peacebuilding is subject of the Summit of American

Peacebuilding is subject of the Summit of American Ministers of the Defense

Between November 22 and 25, will be carried out the ninth edition of the Summit of American Ministers of the Defense, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

This week, delegates of the 33 participant countries meet to discuss the Bolivian proposal that suggests as principal subject for the event “the Peacebuilding in the Region, the Armed Forces, Democracy and Society”.

According to Loretta Tellería, Secretary-Executive of the Summit, one of the principal pillars of the Bolivian Constitution preaches the waiver of the war as measure to solve differences with other countries.

The Ministry of the Defense of Bolivia intends to carry out a series of prior events to the hemispherical meeting to discuss and to strengthen the agenda of the meeting.

Besides the subjects proposed by the country, already debated in the context of the Executive and Legislative powers, others must be added up, such as: multiculturalism, gender and Armed Forces, and Natural Disasters, subject that gained great force with the earthquakes that reached respectively Haiti and Chile.

The transparency in the military expenses will also make part of the discussions.


Last week, in Quito, representatives of the countries that integrate the Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR), approved a plan of work that will result in a regional methodology for measurement of military expenses.

The document establishes the points of consensus so that there is transparency in the expenses, following recommendation of the Organization of the United Nations (UN) and the experiences of Argentina and Chile, which have a bilateral agreement in this area.

Besides, the countries of the UNASUR advanced in the measures of mutual confidence with the exchange of information that will be implemented through a net, in which will be published data about the policies of Defense and the effective soldiers, weapons and equipments of each country.

The proposal intends to join the military budgets of the last five years and, gradually, to insert information of the resources predicted since its formulation and until its approval, execution and inspection.

The countries of the UNASUR also agreed in notifying in advance about any maneuver or land, air and naval exercise that they carry out in the frontier regions.

Will have to be informed the objective of the exercise, staff, nature and quantity of equipments and the accurate location where the maneuvers will be carried out.


This Monday, 19, ends in Peru, the multinational exercise “Society of Americas and South Exchange”, which brought together, in the coast of the country, more than 1,500 soldiers of the Naval Infantry of ten countries – Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Ecuador, United States, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

The soldiers simulate operations of amphibious raid and domination of the urbanized area and operations of rescue and hostages´ evacuation.

It is the fourth edition of the exercise that also contemplates humanitarian actions in benefit of the populations that reside in the proximities of the places of the maneuvers.


The Navy of Brazil informed that up to August 5, will be carried out the Operation BRACOLPER, which joins in the rivers of the Amazon region, ships of the Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian navies.

Brazil participates with 190 soldiers and the River-Patrol ships “Pedro Teixeira” and “Amapá“, subordinated to the Command of the 9th Naval District.

During the exercise, the soldiers will participate of the parades in commemoration to the “200 years of the Independence of Colombia”, on July 24, in Letícia (in the frontier with Brazil), and of the “189th Anniversary of Independence of Peru”, on July 28, in Iquitos.

Military expenses

In next day 26, the governments of Peru and of Chile carry out, in Lima, the first technical meeting between the respective military leaderships, to establish common criteria in the homologation of military expenses between them both.

According to the Minister of the Defense of Peru, Rafael Rey, his Chilean homologous, Jaime Ravinet, will visit Peru in August to discuss the deepening of the relations between the Armed Forces of the two countries.

Rey was in Santiago in May and according to him, the future agreements are inserted in the new relationship between Peru and Chile, inaugurated when Sebastián Piñera became the President of Chile.

As a form of improving the military relation, the two countries intend to resort to the mechanism ‘2 + 2’, which implicates the periodic realization of meetings between the Ministers of the Defense and of the Foreign Relations.

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