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Peru ratifies the Constitutive Treaty of the Unasu

Peru ratifies the Constitutive Treaty of the Unasur

Last week, Peru became the fifth country of the region to ratify the Constitutive Treaty of the Union of the South American Nations (Unasur).


Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana and Venezuela had already done it.


So that all its mechanisms work fully, the Unasur needs to be ratified by at least nine countries.


The Treaty was signed on May 23 of 2008.


In Brazil, the proposal is stopped in the Chamber of the Deputies, where it still needs to pass the Plenary session after having being approved in the commissions of Foreign Relations and Constitution and Justice.


Only then, it will follow to the Senate, where also goes transacts in at least one commission.


Last week, the Unasur elected the Argentinean ex-president Nestor Kirchner as its Secretary-general.


One of his first missions is to put the screws on the liberation of the US$ 100 millions promised by the block for the reconstruction of Haiti.


Soon, he also should starts to visit the South American countries to try to obtain the ratifications that Ecuador, as President pro tempore of the block, didn´t get.

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