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Colombia discards Venezuelan Plan of Peace
USA praises Brazil’s combat against the terrorism

Plan of Peace: truths and lies

Plan of Peace: truths and lies

Marcelo Rech

The Minister of Foreign Relations of Venezuela traveled over seven countries in two days to try to convince the neighbors that Colombia lies while denouncing the connivance of Hugo Chávez with the guerrillas of the Farc and ELN.

In all the seven countries, he insisted to say that the region needs a Plan of Peace for the Colombian conflict. That is a fact!

But there isn´t Plan of Peace with tolerance to irregular groups linked to the drug traffic and to the terrorism.

It isn´t possible to imagine that Colombia, after eight years of a hard and inflexible government with the guerrillas, simply accept to treat the subject as if it hadn´t suffered almost 50 years of violence.

So that a Plan of Peace can be minimally discussed, the Farc, for example, must free, without any conditions, all the sequestrated ones. They must hand over the weapons and break definitely with the drug traffic.

So that the relations between Colombia and Venezuela can be restored in an environment of cooperation and development, it is necessary that the denunciations presented in the OAS are an object of checking.

The entity already suffers the lack of credibility. To omit itself before the facts can confirm its definite collapse.

If the denunciations are lying, the Colombian government will have to answer for them. If they are true, Venezuela will have to explain itself.

To hide the situation only helps to relegate the region to the historical condition of “backyard” of the United States.

It isn´t a novelty that the Farc are present in Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay and in several European countries where they already negotiate future refuges for the most important men of Alfonso Cano. It isn´t any surprise that they are settled in several Colombian political and social institutions.

Next Thursday, the Ministers of Foreign Relations of the 12 countries that integrate the Union of the South American Nations meet in Quito, in Ecuador, to discuss the subject.

Face to face there will be Nicolás Maduro and Jaime Bermúdez, who promises more proofs about the presence of Colombian guerrillas in Venezuela.

The meeting is covered of special importance, precisely in the moment that the UNASUR tries, in all forms, to work for real. Principally for those like Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, that don´t accept the OAS nor any extra regional actors as mediators.

Of the 12 members, only half of them ratified the Constitutive Treaty of the mechanism.

The UNASUR needs to show for what it came and for what it suits, and nothing better to do this than a subject that is thorny, delicate and full of political traps like this one.

Marcelo Rech is a journalist, editor of the InfoRel and specialist in International Relations, Strategies and Policies of Defense and Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency. E-mail:

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