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President Santos called for Latin American unity a

President Santos called for Latin American unity above ideological or political differences

A call for Latin American unity was made by the President of the Republic Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, after the meeting with his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, at Plantalto Palace in Brasilia.

“We strongly believe in Latin American unity and brotherhood, as imperatives of our times. We need to put our hope on unity, which should be above ideological or political differences” said the Colombian Head of State.

He also emphasized the fact that “it is possible to think differently and keep a good relationship”, as he highlighted the good environment within the region.

Santos Calderón also added that “it is very positive to observe that the regional tensions are finally coming to an end, because when rulers fight, the peoples suffer”.

Likewise, the President said that the countries of the region can work together by taking advantage of mutual strengths to turn Latin America into a great power.

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