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Relations between Brazil and Honduras are ceased

Relations between Brazil and Honduras are ceased

The relations between Brazil and Honduras are still stopped and will be retaken only with the guarantee, by President Porfírio Lobo, of the return of ex-President Manuel Zelaya to Tegucigalpa.

Brazil has been pressed to accept the return of Honduras to the Organization of the American States (OAS). The Central-American country was expelled of the organization last year, after the downfall of Zelaya.

Besides, the Brazilian government doesn´t consider the election carried out in the country, in January, legitimate.

In the beginning of the month, the countries that integrate the OAS decided, in Lima, to create a group of work to value the situation of the human rights in the country.

A report must be subjected to the organization up to July 30.

In the South America, only Colombia and Peru support the reintegration of Honduras.

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