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Relations ‘Brazil – USA’ affected by Iran

Relations ‘Brazil – USA’ affected by Iran

The relations of Brazil with the United States face stresses that can be aggravated in January, with the inauguration of the new Brazilian president.

It is what Michael Shifter thinks. He is president of the Inter-American Dialog, which has headquarters in Washington.

Of punctual divergences, like the Brazilian decision of not recognizing the elected government of Honduras, the relation “turned sour” once and for all after Brazil decided to defend Iran regarding its Nuclear Program.

In the evaluation of Shifter, Lula´s inheritance may be cursed for his successor in this aspect.

He reminds that the first president invited by Barack Obama to meet with him at the White Home was Lula.

There was the expectation that both countries would secure a Strategic Alliance, which didn´t happen.

Lula also was one of the first ones criticizing the military agreement secured by the United States with Colombia and publicly demanded guarantees of the two governments regarding the joint military operations.

Since the beginning of the administration Obama, North American diplomats in Brasilia inform that Lula is far from being a friend of the United States.

Several of them complain that Washington insisted on a wrong bet.

Brazil and the United States diverge still regarding the agricultural protectionism and the taxes applied to Brazilian ethanol in the North American market.


However, no problem was more serious than the support of Brazil to Iran.

The United States accuse Lula of legitimizing a regime that works to develop mass destruction weapons.

Lula, in turn, made clear that the decision of the United States of ignoring the agreement secured in Teheran, with the endorsement of Turkey, represents betrayal to the Brazilian efforts.

The U.S. ambassador in Brasilia himself, Thomas Shannon, acknowledged that “there is a significant disagreement area regarding the ‘Iran’ issue and we keep on diverging as for the sanctions that must be imposed”, he affirmed.

On the other hand, the United States bet that the new president of Brazil won´t have the international influence of Lula and that this will implicate a reduction of the political profile of the country in the international arena.

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