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Russia wants to modernize Armed Forces of Bolivia

Russia wants to modernize Armed Forces of Bolivia

The government of Russia offered US$ 250 millions for the modernization of the Armed Forces of Bolivia and it intends to invest in the strengthening of the natural resources of the country.

The Russian ambassador in La Paz, Leonid Golubev, explained that “now everything depends on Bolivia”.

In the end of October, the Minister of Economy of Bolivia, Luis Arce Catacora, will travel to Moscow to confirm the details of the loan agreement.

If the sides don´t reach an agreement, the resources may only be available in 2012.

To make the deal, Russia demands legal guarantees and a portfolio that presents in a clear and objective way the necessities of the Bolivian Armed Forces.

The credit line is negotiated since February of last year and it prescribes a term of 30 years with interest of 0.77 percent and two years of lack.

The resources may be invested principally in the purchase of eight airplanes, one of them for the presidency of the Republic.

Russia also has interest in improving the Bolivian airport system with the installation of radars and asphalt in 16 airports and airfields.

If Bolivia buys the eight Antonov of Russian manufacture, it will be built in Cochabamba a centre of maintenance of these airplanes with covering for the whole Latin America.

The construction of the centre will cost around US$ 5 millions and may use Bolivian labor.

The Russian government still waits for an answer of Evo Morales to present, in a concrete form, his projects for the areas of hydrocarbons and ores.

Russia intends to form a society mixed between the Bolivian state company Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales (YPFB) and the Gazprom.

The Russian project contemplates, for example, the construction of a hydroelectric station in Tajira.

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