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Response and Explanation of Vote by Brazil on the
Lula believes that sanctions to Iran weaken the UN

Security Council ignores agreement and approves sa

Security Council ignores agreement and approves sanctions

The United Nations Security Council approved in the morning of this Wednesday, a set of sanctions to Iran, because of its nuclear program.

Integrated by 15 countries – five are permanent members and nuclear nations – the Security Council approved, with 12 votes, to ignore the agreement secured by Teheran and informed to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), with the endorsement of Brazil and Turkey.

While these countries voted against the sanctions, Lebanon decided to abstain.

The Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, lamented, but affirmed that Brazil will respect the decision of the council.

There prevailed the power and the pressure of the United States and Israel. For these two countries, the program has military objectives.

The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, guaranteed that the decision won´t take Iran to the negotiation rounds, and he also made clear that there will be confrontations with the West.

The resolution approved by the Security Council predicts more rigidity in the inspection of the exportations to Iran, suspension of the weapons’ sale to the country and discerning inspection in the vessels with the Iranian flag.

It suited to the ambassador of Brazil in the United Nations, Maria Luiza Viotti, to express the Brazilian vote (see the full text in the InfoRel in English section). According to her, the sanctions are inefficient.

The permanent members of the UN Security Council are the United States, France, United Kingdom, Russia and China.

The ten rotary member countries were: Brazil, Turkey, Bosnia Herzegovina, Gabon, Nigeria, Austria, Japan, Mexico, Lebanon and Uganda.


Analysis of the news

Marcelo Rech


Again it was proved that “the one with power leads and the one with good sense obeys”.

The United States and Israel go too far in the violations to the International Right, but they are the ones that dictate the course of the International Relations.

Brazil and Turkey reached in Teheran the same that had been already offered to Iran and rejected. Now, the great nations were the ones that “turned the nose up” to the agreement.

First, in the failure. In Washington, nobody believed that two emergent countries would get what they didn´t obtain with sabotages, money and the suffering of the Iranian population.

The result of the agreement made the “Club” wake up.

And the Club doesn´t want that the agreement achieved by Brazil and Turkey opens precedents, otherwise others will realize that they have force and will begin to wake up soon.

It is better to prevent it since the very start.

What the Security Council says to the world with its decision is: “NO to the dialog and YES to the conflicts.”

The worse the world gets, better for the “falcons”.

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