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Senate approves first Brazilian ambassador to Nepa

Senate approves first Brazilian ambassador to Nepal


Agência Senado – Service in English



The Senate approved, on Wednesday (3), the nomination of second class minister Marcos Borges Duprat Ribeiro for the post of Brazilian ambassador to Nepal. The nomination had already been approved by the Committee on External Relations and National Defense in late June.



In his speech at the committee, Marcos Borges Duprat Ribeiro, who will be the first Brazilian ambassador to Nepal, highlighted the need of a closer relation with the developing countries in Asia and Africa.


He included in his work proposal the encouragement to the participation of Brazilian companies in infrastructure works in Nepal.



Marcos Borges Duprat Ribeiro highlighted the importance of Brazil´s “pioneer attitude” by opening an embassy in Katmandu, Nepal´s capital, once no other Latin-American country has embassies there.



The diplomat flagged Nepal´s strategic position, placed between the two biggest emerging powerhouses on the planet, India and China, and informed that there are plans to join the road systems of these two Asian powerhouses by means of that country.



Marcos Ribeiro also informed, as he was questioned at the committee, that the Brazilian company Braspower takes part in the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in Arun River, which will generate 400 megawatts and allow the exportation of exceeding energy to neighboring countries.


He also said that a bilateral agreement for technical cooperation is about to be signed, which will cover areas such as energy, agriculture and social programs. In his opinion, the Brazilian experience “may be of great help for Nepal”.

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