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Senate will debate the situation of the Brazilians

Senate will debate the situation of the Brazilians in the Arab countries

The Commission of Foreign Relations and National Defense (CRE) joined yesterday, March 3, to approve the request inviting the Minister of Foreign Relations, Antonio Patriota, to debate about the conditions of the Brazilians who live in the countries of the Middle East and of the Northern Africa.

According to the senator Peter Simon (party: PMDB, state of Rio Grande do Sul), author of the proposal, the region faces “situations of emergence” because of the popular rebellions.

The senators want to know if the Itamaraty has a plan of evacuation for the Brazilians in other countries like Bahrain, Algeria and Yemen, where the manifestations continue.

In the opportunity, the Commission also evaluated the impact and the consequences of these revolts in the relations of Brazil with the Arab world.

Also yesterday, the CRE analyzed the presidential messages of indication of the new Brazilian ambassadors in Belgium and in the South Africa, respectively André Mattoso Maia Amado and Pedro Luiz Carneiro de Mendonça.

In the last meeting of the commission, the reports were read, but the president of the Commission, senator Fernando Collor (party: PTB, state of Alagoas), granted collective view of the matters.

For the senator, this is a way of improving the level of the tests and of demanding more from the indicated ones.

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