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Specialists discuss Defense and Security in the So

Specialists discuss Defense and Security in the South America

Between July 19 and 21, Brazilian and foreign specialists discuss the principal subjects linked to the Defense and the Security in the South America, in the Fourth National Meeting of the Brazilian Association of Studies of Defense (ENABED IV), which is happening in the University of Brasilia (UnB).

The opening happened this Monday, at 18:00, with a special conference of the ambassador Samuel Pinheiro Guimarães, Minister-chief of the Secretary of Strategic Subjects and former Secretary-General of the Itamaraty.

For the organizers, the event represents the maturing of the area of studies on the international security and of the national defense of Brazil, principally in the moment in which these subjects are consolidated as priority in the agendas of foreign politics of the whole region.

During the three days, eight roundtables are being carried out, all in the morning (between 9:00 and 12:00). The roundtables are bringing together analysts, teachers and Latin-American researchers.

The roundtables are the following:

Table 1 – Armed Forces, Society and Security in the South America

Table 2 – The Defense in the South America – Perceptions and Perspectives

Table 3 – Foreign Cooperation and the National Strategy of Defense

Table 4 – The UNASUR and the South American Council of Defense

Table 5 – The South Atlantic Ocean in the South American Context of Security and Defense

Table 6 – Political Economy of the International Security

Table 7 – Cybernetic Security

Table 8 – Geopolitical and Regional Integration of the South America

Besides, twelve thematic sessions are happening, always in the evening period, starting at 14:00:

1 – Migrations, Frontiers and Environment: new security questions?

2 – The National Defense and the Academy

3 – Military History

4 – Gender, Peace and Armed Forces

5 – The South American Community in the Area of Strategic Studies

6 – Fourth Generation Warfare

7 – Armed Forces and Society in the South America

8 – Technological Retrenchment – Industry of Defense, Science & Technology and International Politics

9 – The Legislative Power and the National Defense

10 – Initiatives of South American Cooperation in the area of the Defense and International Security: Experiences with Peace Operations

11 – Military Education and Formation

12 – Strategic studies in the Contemporary World: New Threats and New Approaches

The complete planning, inclusive with the subjects boarded by the participants, can be accessed through the address: / enabed4 / steak / programaenabed4.pdf

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