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Subverting international geopolitics

Subverting international geopolitics

Marcelo Rech

In June, denouncements handed by Edward Snowden to the journalist Glenn Greenwald stripped the true policy of the United States for its allies and enemies. The espionage operations revealed the existence of a highly advanced technological scheme created to snoop countries, its rulers, enterprises and even common citizens.

The revelations put Snowden, who is a refugee in Russia, in the black list of the North American government and, besides evoking doubts in the whole planet about the reach of the operations carried out by the National Security Agency (NSA), confirmed another very present and classic concept in cartoons: the ambition of the United States of dominating the world.

In so far as its technological development doesn´t observe limits nor respects the most basic rules of the International Relations, there is no other option to the world but believe that the claims of Washington are far from the cooperation and the economical development of the still entitled “friendly countries”.

The Department of State together with the intelligence services are the main responsible for a politics that has as main strategy the generation of dependence. For decades they use missionaries, volunteers, humanitarian workers and journalists to reach their goals – almost always economical and military ones.

Besides, the United States are particularly well-succeed in the creation of front non-governmental organizations. In general, they make use of persuasive terms like “peace”, “freedom” and “democracy” to put in practice policies that are in the opposite extreme of what these words translate.

They are shrewd as for the indiscriminate use of euphemisms. With the pretext of imposing democracy they overthrow elected governments and install in their places true menials or authoritarian and fundamentalist leaders dedicated to the violation of the human rights and the suppression of freedoms.

The front NGOs very often are not only financed by the intelligence services, but have in their commands ex-directors of these agencies, as it is the case of James Woolsey, former bigwig of the CIA and president of the Freedom House up to 2005. On the other hand, the United States does not tolerate the presence of foreign ONGs in its territory.

In the last years, Washington also perfected a new way of subversion of the political order. Wherever its retinues are defeated, the intelligence agencies promote true revolutions through huge rallies, manifestations and strikes. In some countries, these provocations end up overthrowing governments.

Before this machine which tentacles are everywhere, the citizens of free countries have no other option but identifying these movements through their leaders, the outsourced puppets that do the dirty work.

Marcelo Rech is a journalist, specialist in International Relations, Strategies and Policies of Defense, Terrorism and Counterinsurgency, Human Rights in the Armed Conflicts, and the director of the Instituto InfoRel de Relações Internacionais e Defesa. E-mail:

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