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Summit ‘South America – Arab Countries’ will be ca

Summit ‘South America – Arab Countries’ will be carried out in April

The Third Summit ‘South America – Arab Countries’, which should be carried out between 12 and 16 of this month, in Lima, Peru, will actually take place in April.

The information came from the Arab League, which asked the postponement to the Peruvian chancellery.

According to the entity, the political crisis in Egypt demands its maximum attention in this moment.

The head office of the Arab League is exactly in Cairo, stage of the manifestations against the regime of Hosni Mubarak.

The meeting is confirmed to happen in Peru, but the new date keeps on being negotiated and a new postponement isn´t discarded.

Everything will depend on how the events evolve in Egypt.

The Peruvian government suggested the date of the April 20 for the realization of the meeting, but the Arab League preferred not to answer to the proposal.


The Third Summit ‘South America – Arab Countries’ claims to strengthen the political and economical relations between the two regions.

Among the subjects that will dominate the discussions, there are the series of recognitions of the Palestinian State by the South American countries.

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