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Symposium discusses defense of the Blue Amazon reg
Chancellor wants South American block to face the

System of Management of the Blue Amazon region

System of Management of the Blue Amazon region

The System of Management of the Blue Amazon region was the theme of the conference given by Vice-Admiral Elis Treidler Oberg, Director of Weapon Systems of the Navy, in the XIII Symposium of Operational Research and Logistics of the Navy (SPOLM), carried out in August 12 and 13, in the Naval War College (EGN), in Rio de Janeiro.

According to him, “the System of Management of the Blue Amazon region (SisGAAz) will be a set of several systems that we already have today. It will enable a total knowledge about what happens in the surface, in the subsurface and in the air space of the Brazilian jurisdictional waters and in good part of the South Atlantic.”

The subject ‘Blue Amazon region’ also took place in the lecture of the General-Manager of the Unity of Transport and Storage Services of the PETROBRAS, Ricardo Albuquerque Araújo, about “Logistic Difficulties in the Exploration of Offshore Oil”.

“The Petrobras is an enterprise that has an acting focused in the sea area, specifically in the Blue Amazon region. 85 percent of the oil that the Petrobras produces is located in the sea. With the Pré-Sal, this percentage must grow much more in Brazil, approaching 100 percent. This approximation of the Petrobras with the Navy is seen by the direction of the enterprise as an absolutely strategic subject”, he affirmed.

“It is possible that new oil producing frontiers appear in the territorial sea and the nature has shown that it is in the Blue Amazon region where it looks more promising for the discovery of new riches. The Petrobras has been managing with great success to explore these opportunities and the enterprise has full conscience that, without the support of the Navy, we won’t get there”, he emphasized.

Hugo Passos Simão, Researcher of the Department of Operational Research and Financial Engineering of the University of Princeton, United States, discussed the theme “Applications of Operational Research for Defense of the Blue Amazon region: Great Learning – How to Collect Data Efficiently in the Era of the Information”.

“It is a way of trying to orientate the process of information gathering within the resources we have to take the best decision. The principal challenge was to present the mathematical modeling, though it isn´t extremely complicated, and to give an idea of the utility of the methodology, how it can be used, without alienating the public because of the mathematical details”, the professor explained.

The General-Coordinator of the Program of Development of the Submarine with Nuclear Propulsion, Fleet Admiral José Alberto Accioly Fragelli, explained how the Navy is getting prepared to control and to monitor the Blue Amazon region, not onlt with conventional submarines, but with the coming nuclear submarines.

The great news is the construction of a shipyard and of the Naval Base of submarines in Ilha da Madeira (“Island of the Wood”), in Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro. “It will be the biggest shipyard of the Navy”, informed Fragelli.

For the Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Navy, the Vice-Admiral Ilques Barbosa Junior, “we have to know the environment of the depth, of the surface and of the air space. For that, an event of this magnitude, involving the Armed Forces, the scientific community and the academia, is one more step in the strengthening of our sovereignty and of strategic situations.”

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