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The dispute for the power and the relevant themes

The dispute for the power and the relevant themes

Marcelo Rech

Last Sunday, October 3, the obligatoriness made millions of Brazilians go vote.

The elections for president, governor, senator, federal deputy and state deputy don´t mean, necessarily, renovation of names or, even less, of attitudes.

The weirdest alliances were secured because of only one thing: the power for the power.

It was an electoral process marked by mess, in which the Supreme Federal Court (STF) flinched and decided not to decide about a popular initiative: “the clean record”.

Brazil takes the risk of seeing states without government and benches without integrants.

Attached to the bureaucratic technicality, the STF ignored the message said by the people: that they don’t want banditry in the politics anymore.

Worse than that was the indifference with which the candidates treated relevant and strategic themes like Foreign Politics, Intelligence and Defense.

A information spread by the Federation of the Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp) shows that in next ten years the Armed Forces will have around US$ 27 billions for investments.

Even so, the theme was ignored.

With the Pre-Salt Basin and the discoveries of reserves of gas in the Basin of Santos, Brazil may become an actually power.

This treasure must be watched and protected, but nobody had courage to say it.

Defense doesn´t give votes.

The politicians used the Armed Forces in lots of moments, but in election time, they hide them as if the Forces are leper.

They are ashamed of telling to the ordinary people that Defense concerns them too.

They put the Defense like the sanitation: buried, far from the media and of the propagandas.

Brazil isn´t immune to the Terrorism and the connected crimes.

Our borders are vulnerable. Around there, drugs, arms and criminals enter.

The Armed Forces have the role of defending our sovereignty, but in the speech of the politicians, are relegated.

Brazil is constantly threatened by external agents and nobody dared in speaking about that and about how to defend our intellectual inheritance.

Speaking about Intelligence in an electoral program is unthinkable.

The Intelligence is seen with prejudice and ignorance.

It is necessary to invest in the Intelligence, to have a strong ABIN serving the State and against the external threats.

The foreign politics, in turn, was silently omitted.

A country that wants a permanent seat in the UN Security Council has no courage to debate its place in the world.

Here and there, we had some lapses about what each one might do eventually in this or in that area, but nothing substantive.

The relations of Brazil with its neighbors, crucial for the regional development, didn´t deserve even a comment.

The position of Brazil in the United Nations, its relations with the European Union, the United States, the commercial questions with the subsidies to the ethanol, nothing was important enough for our candidates wielding such flags.

No word about Haiti, where the Brazilian soldiers act since 2004, in spite of the more than US$ 350 millions sent for its reconstruction.

The BNDES was converted in one of the principal financiers of the regional infrastructure and, even so, nothing was heard about.

We had an electoral process focused in the easy speech, in the emotionalism, in the fallacies and in the exchange of accusations about who was more corrupt.

Nothing else.

Marcelo Rech is a journalist, editor of the InfoRel and specialist in International Relations, Strategies & Policies of Defense, and Terrorism & Counter-insurgency. E-mail:

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