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The longest war of all

The longest war of all

Marcelo Rech

Recently, a series of secret documents were revealed to the world public opinion about how the North American soldiers and their allies behave in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In spite of the severity of the denunciations, the world wasn´t surprised.

A few days ago, it was revealed that soldiers of the Polish Army, members of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), in Afghanistan, were exploding residential buildings in a cynical and carefree form.

There is a popular expression that explains that very well: who sleeps with a dog is subject to rise with fleas.

Faced with the evidences, the Pentagon demanded the immediate interruption of the publication of the documents.

It is still early to know if the Taliban will have any real profit with the scandal, but it is certain that the image of the troops of the ISAF suffered a severe blow.

The Afghans are disappointed with the foreign soldiers, who have their credibility questioned.

The decision of the Public Prosecution Service of Poland, of investigating the denunciations that involve soldiers of the country, must not result in punishments.

There won´t be a lack of lawyers to justify such acts and to debit them in the stress provoked by the constant attacks of the Taliban militias.

Let´s observe the result of investigations carried out about similar facts, by the United States, regarding the behavior of its soldiers.

It is a fact that the humanity wants the peace, has fear of the wars and of the conflicts, which provoke such horror and anguishes.

But the wars are a reality that interests for many people: politicians, rulers, gun manufacturers, enterprises of private security.

There is an almost infinite chain of people who gain with the wars. And very much!

The XXI century began with one of the longest wars of the last 150 years and which has no forecast to end – the war in Afghanistan.

The impunity of soldiers of the belligerent armies doesn´t engender defenders or disseminators of the democracy, but murderers and extremists.

Nobody would say that the Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan were thinking only in ways of inflicting damage to the civil populations.

War is war, but no journalist accused them regarding the pillage of museums, or the shooting against the media, or regarding their deliberated intention of simply shooting in live targets, or the destruction of residential buildings only for fun.

The fact is that North American soldiers and their allies are recognized by these acts.

The war leaves sequels, change the people.

According to the Department of Defense of the United States, since the beginning of the Afghan war until April of this year, more than 800 soldiers of ground committed suicide.

Only one third of them wasn´t in confrontations and moments of high pressure.

Many of them, in the moment of the suicide, were or in Afghanistan or on holidays in the United States, waiting to return to the war.

Some governments already decided to withdraw their troops of Afghanistan.

The voices of the ones that resist to the war are getting increasingly strong in the North American Congress.

It is a pity that they have realized the futility of this war only now. Perhaps is too late.

Marcelo Rech is a journalist, editor of the InfoRel and specialist in International Relations, Strategies & Policies of Defense and Terrorism & Counter-Insurgency. E-mail:

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