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The relations Russia – USA and the missiles in Pol

The relations Russia – USA and the missiles in Poland

Marcelo Rech


The Russian president, Dmitri Medvedev, will be in Washington, next Thursday, 24, when he will meet again with Barack Obama.


The United States and Russia created a Bilateral Commission directed by Chancellor Serguei Lavrov and the Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, to coordinate the actions of the 16 groups of work created in 2009 by both governments.


Russia looks, among other things, for the North American support in joining the World Trade Organization (WTO).


Obama and Medvedev will also discuss, again, the synchronization of the ratification processes for both parliaments of the Treaty of Limitation and Reduction of Strategic Weapons, signed in Prague, in April.


Apparently, everything walks in direction of a new relation between ancient enemies.


The world reacted to the election of Barack Obama with the expectation of maintaining a new relationship with the United States.


However, the rhetoric was “put on top” and old practices were maintained.


In the Latin America, there is almost nothing to be commemorated.


After acting dubiously regarding the political crisis in Honduras, the United States decided to implement the military agreement with Colombia, which imply the use of seven bases in that country and the increase of the military contingent in the region.


On the Middle East topic, USA stimulated Brazil and Turkey to deal with Iran, so that – after an agreement to have been reached with Teheran – they could defend and approve a set of economical sanctions against the country because of its nuclear program.


Besides, USA decided to install ‘Patriot’ in Poland, only 80 kilometers far from the Russian frontier.


That is a decision that can affect the accords between Russia and United States, which already secured an agreement about the nuclear armaments reduction, but that compromises the confidence in the region and doesn´t contribute with the security.


The United States and Poland signed an agreement in December 11 of 2009 that was predicting the installation of the ‘Patriot’ in the surroundings of Warsaw, and not in the city of Morag.


So far, the Russian reaction keeps on account of a reinforcement in the Fleet of the Baltic that has high precision weapons.


We can realize that Barack Obama, full of good intentions, doesn´t control the bellicose conservative party, traditionalist and owner of the North American industrial-military complex.


The installation of these missiles and the dislocation of troops to the frontier with Russia take Iran as an excuse. It is the same argument used to do it in the Czech Republic and probably, soon, in the Romania.


In other words, in spite of the meetings and the advancements in the bilateral relations, the tensions grow and Europe becomes more insecure.


The first set of ‘Patriot’ missiles in Poland will be operated by 150 North American soldiers. The United States guarantee that the weapons are defensive and that the sovereignty of the countries of the region isn´t threatened.


Moscow sees that these arms, inserted in the doctrine of preventive war, can´t represent a pacific initiative.


The installation of troops and arms of the United States in the European East, in part, substitutes the project “Star Wars”, sponsored by President Ronald Reagan, in 1983, to fight the “Russian threat”.


The ‘Obama doctrine’ is much cheaper and it can be much more efficient, principally if the objective is to maintain the military pressure on the Russian territory.


Marcelo Rech is a journalist, editor of the InfoRel and specialist in International Relations, Strategies and Policies of Defense and Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency. E-mail:

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