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The Situation in the Middle East

The Situation in the Middle East

On the occasion of the Fourth IBSA Summit, in Brasilia, on April 15th 2010, the Ministers of Brazil, India and South Africa met with the Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki

2. The Ministers indicated that India, Brazil and South Africa, as members of the IBSA Forum, are convinced that a comprehensive peace in the Middle East is crucial, not only for the peoples and countries of the region, but also for the international peace and security.

3. In line with the relevant UN Resolutions, the Madrid principles, the Road Map and the Arab Peace Initiative, the IBSA countries call for the urgent resumption of negotiations that will lead to a two-state solution, with the creation of a sovereign, democratic, independent, united and viable Palestinian State, coexisting peacefully alongside Israel, within secure, pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

4. They note that a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace process, including between Israel and Palestine, must reach concrete progress on all tracks and reiterate their support to efforts aimed at reactivating talks between Israel, Syria and Lebanon. An enlarged participation of the international community in this endeavour, including developing countries with good relations with all parties, could bring a fresh perspective to the peace process, and IBSA countries will actively support this process.

5. The IBSA countries strongly urge the Israeli government to freeze all settlement activity in the occupied Palestinian territories, including “natural growth”, and to reverse its decision to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem. Concerned by the continuing deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza, they also call on Israel to alleviate circulation restrictions on the movement of people and goods, both in Gaza and in the West Bank. In addition, they expressed deep concern at the issuance by Israel of Military Order 1650.

6. Conflicts in the Middle East remain essentially political in nature and cannot be resolved by force. The IBSA countries therefore call upon all actors not to pursue policies, measures and actions that inflict damage and suffering, particularly to civilians.

7. They express support for mediation efforts with a view to reaching domestic Palestinian reconciliation and urge all interested parties to contribute to that purpose. They call on the international community to contribute, on a sustained, concrete and urgent basis, to the state-building efforts undertaken by the Palestinian National Authority, recalling the IBSA readiness to continue its commitments in this regard.

8. IBSA countries will continue consultations on the matter.

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