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The South American Council of Defense advances

The South American Council of Defense advances

The Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR) is integrated by 12 countries, but only six of them ratified its Constitutive Treaty.

Curiously, Brazil, which proposed the mechanism, is among those who still didn´t obtain the legislative approval for the agreement.

In the context of the UNASUR, the South American Council of Defense (CDS) was created, also by suggestion of Brazil,.

On July 14 and 15, representatives of the respective ministries of Defense were reunited in Quito, Ecuador, where the Plan of Action 2010 – 2011 was approved.

According to the brigadier Marco Aurélio Gonçalves Mendes, Secretary of Politics, Strategy and International Affairs of the Ministry of Defense, “the CDS is a result of a tripod based on confidence, security and cooperation”.

Mendes explained that the fact of Brazil having not ratified the Constitutive Treaty that creates the UNASUR doesn´t prevent the countries from advancing in the discussions about common subjects.

He detached the work carried out by Chile, first president pro tempore of the UNASUR, and Ecuador, which is in the command of the block.

“The importance that the Ministers of Defense give to the CDS strengthens it each day more, and in the case of Brazil, the involvement of the Minister of Foreign Relations contributes even more to the role of Brazil inside this mechanism”, Mendes affirmed.

Plan of Action

Marco Aurélio Gonçalves Mendes explained that the Plan of Action 2010 – 2011 predicts the realization, starting in March, of the Advanced Course of Defense for High Officials of State, which will be carried out in the headquarters of the College of War (ESG), in Rio de Janeiro.

The course is expected to have four or six months of duration, at least two participants of each country (a civilian and a soldier), and instructors indicated by the member-countries.

In April of 2011, during the LAAD – fair of products and equipments of Defense that happens in Rio de Janeiro every two years –, will be carried out a sector panel about metrology and standardization.

The goal is that, in the future, all the member-countries of the CDS adopt the international standards so that products of Defense of the South America are acquired in the region and exported to other markets.

Besides, the CDS works to create a mechanism of quick answer to the natural disasters in the South America.

For so much, there is being prepared an inventory of personnel, equipments and entities that can be employed in catastrophe situation.

According to the brigadier Mendes, the countries also intend to make an inventory of the problems and natural disasters that are frequent in determined seasons.

Spent in Defense

The South American Council of Defense intends to adopt a mechanism of transparency in the military expenses that is accepted by all the member-countries.

In the context of the United Nations and of the OAS, there are already recommendations in this sense, but the CDS wants the methodology of expenses to become mandatory.

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