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The Strategic Amazon region

The Strategic Amazon region

Marcelo Rech

Between August 11 and 15, the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs (SAE), commanded by Ambassador Samuel Pinheiro Guimarães, promotes the “Seminar of Security of the Amazon region”, in Manaus (state of Amazonas).

It is one more event of the series “Meetings of the SAE”.

This is a program that seeks to deepen the discussion and the understanding about subjects like the security of the Amazon region and Blue Amazon region; nuclear, space and information technology policies; the participation of Brazil in peace missions; the improvement of the naval doctrine and the South American cooperation in the Defense sector.

Servants of the federal government, military of the Armed Forces and representatives of public and private entities will debate around the subject “Towards 2022: strategic challenges for the Security of the Amazon region”.

With a strategic vision of the region, the event intends to enable these professionals so that public policies are proposed regarding the ‘development – defense’ binomial.

In partnership with the Brazilian Army, the SAE invited 80 specialists to diagnose the principal challenges of the military presence in the Amazon region, principally regarding the regional integration, the sustainable development, the strategies of security and, as a consequence, the enlargement of the presence of the Government in the region.

A document will be prepared based on the presentations and it will contain the up-to-date status of the problems and challenges that Brazil will have ahead in the horizon of 2022.

This document will suit to orientate the strategic planning for the Defense – development of the Amazon region, including on the definition of the priorities and the resource volume to be allocated.

According to the National Strategy of Defense, “who takes care of the Brazilian Amazon region, in service of the humanity and of itself, is Brazil”.

The initiative responds, in a large extent, to the critics to the Project Brazil 2022.

It isn´t of the Brazilian tradition to concern long term with the country.

The National Strategy of Defense extols that Brazil will be vigilant in the unconditional reaffirmation of its sovereignty before the Brazilian Amazon region, and won´t allow that organizations or individuals serve as instruments for outside interests.

In a immediate society like ours, it looks even ridiculous to think about the challenges that we will have in 12 years. A generation needs 20 years to be formed.

This Brazil that is being planned will be handed over to our children and grandchildren.

Projects like this one should be constant.

Marcelo Rech is a journalist, editor of the InfoRel and specialist in International Relations, Strategies and Policies of Defense and Terrorism & Counter-Insurgency. E-mail:

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