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Chile ratifies Constitutive Treaty of the UNASUR
Czech Republic will join the program KC-390

The United States offer military cooperation to Pa

The United States offer military cooperation to Paraguay

The ambassador of the United States in Paraguay, Liliana Ayalde, affirmed, this weekend, that her country has a worldwide list of countries that can dispose of the North American military cooperation and that Paraguay integrates it.

According to Ayalde, the government of the United States has interest to resume the military cooperation within the framework of the program “Novos Horizontes” (“New Horizons”).

The program “Novos Horizontes” is carried out by the US Southern Command and consists in North American soldiers giving medical aid to the poor population, besides reforming institutions, building roads and enabling rural leaders.

The North American ambassador explained that the conversations with the Ministry of Defense of Paraguay will continue this week so that the priorities of both are adjusted and the cooperation is retaken.

For Liliana Ayalde, the military cooperation must happen in accordance with the necessities and interests of each country so that it can work and produce positive results.

Brazil – Paraguay

This Monday, began the anti-drug operation carried out by Brazil and Paraguay in the region of Canindeyú.

The main goal of the operation is to destroy plantations of marijuana in cities of Canindeyú.

The two countries used the latest equipments and helicopters during all the raids.

The operation is being carried out until next Friday.

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