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UFSCAR opens enrollment of vestibular for refugees

UFSCAR opens enrollment of vestibular for refugees

The Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), responsible for organizing the first specific vestibular exam for refugees of the country, in 2009, opened enrollment for the selective process for refugees´ entry in the graduation courses in 2011.

According to the UNHCR (agency of the United Nations for Refugees), up to next day 27, the interested ones must direct to the Vice-Presidency of Graduation (ProGrad) a letter of demonstration of interest, mentioning the intended course.

Also is needed to present corroborative documentation of conclusion of studies equivalent to the High School (accompanied by opinion of equivalence given out by the State Department of Education, if the studies have been carried out outside Brazil) and a document dispatched by the National Committee for the Refugees (CONARE) that proves the situation of refugee.

Until October 13, will be released the relation of the candidates called for the exams. The list of approved candidates will be released on February 15 of 2011.

The UFSCar is one of the Brazilian universities that integrate the Chair Sérgio Vieira of Melo (CSVM), which was implemented by the UNHCR in the Latin America in 2003 and it looks to spread the humanitarian international right, the human rights and the refugees’ right, promoting also the academic formation and the capacity of teachers and students in these themes.

The Chair is a tribute to the Brazilian Sérgio Vieira de Mello, who died in Iraq in 2003 and dedicated great part of his professional career in the United Nations to the work with refugees, as official of the UNHCR.

In 2004, the project was re-formulated with the objective of incorporating activities of communitarian character, like the aid to the refugees and the de-bureaucratization of the access to the superior education.

The selective process for refugees of the UFSCar is inserted in this goal and makes part of its Program of Affirmative Actions.

Since 2009, the university reserves at least one wave for refugees in all the offered courses. At present, five refugees are in the UFSCar, benefited by this initiative.

The program also proposes to secure the continuation of the refugee students through the availability of a tutor who promotes the continuity of the studies, helping the refugees to work with eventual integration difficulties in the academic community and intermediating between the students and the institution.

The University offers, when necessarily, support for dwelling and food, besides a financial help for activities developed in the university.

More information about the selective process can be checked out in the edict N ° 004 of August 4 of 2010, available in:

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