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UNASUR is going to adopt transparency in military

UNASUL will have agenda of problems in Guyana

UNASUL will have agenda of problems in Guyana

On November 26, the Chiefs of State of the Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR) meet in Georgetown, when Guyana will receive the presidency pro tempore from Ecuador.

According to the Ecuadorian chancellor, Ricardo Patiño, President Rafael Correa will present a report of his management at the front of the UNASUR.

On the days 24 and 25, delegates of 12 countries of the bloc will carry out an evaluation on the progress of the regional integration in the goal of the UNASUR.

The presidents will approve a Final Declaration that includes the preoccupation of the bloc with the crisis between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, the political situation of Honduras, the advancement of the rage in Haiti, the adoption of mechanisms of arbitration and solution of conflicts in the region, and the driving dynamics of the seven councils and workgroups of the organism.

Moreover, the presidents must discuss the election of a Secretary-general to the place of Nestor Kirchner, who died in October.

President Rafael Correa suggested the names of Tabaré Vásquez, ex-president of Uruguay, and of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Brazilian president who leaves the power in 1st of January of 2011.

The Palácio do Planalto informed that Lula won´t assume the UNASUR and that, right after he leaves the presidency, he plans to rest for a while, so he can “let go the presidency of the Republic”.

Up to the moment, Brazil hasn’t pronounced on the matter. The spokesman of the Presidency of the Republic, Marcelo Baumbach, assured that the country has no candidate for the post.

Argentina is resistant to the name of Tabaré Vásquez. When he was president of Uruguay, he vetoed the name of Kirchner.


For the president of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, the presidency pro tempore of the UNASUR is an opportunity for the country of leaving the regional political isolation.

Jagdeo will have the support of human resources of the countries that already commanded the bloc and he intends to enlarge the commercial relations with the neighbors.

He intends to get the Brazilian support for the construction of a hydroelectric station, bridges and roads.

President since 1999, Bharrat Jagdeo wants still to build a bridge in the frontier with the Surinam.

The country maintains conventions with the Petrocaribe and, in July, it showed interest in becoming a member of the Bolivarian Alliance (Alba).

Guyana is a country with 215 thousand square kilometers and that has a population of 800 thousand inhabitants.

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