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UNASUR adopts Democratic Clause against coups

UNASUR adopts Democratic Clause against coups

The government of Ecuador, country that chairs the Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR), informed that the bloc decided to establish a Democratic Clause, with the objective to predict and to inhibit eventual attempts of coups d´etat in the member-countries.

The document, approved by the UNASUR, “warns to the coup leaders so that they don´t make an attempt against the democracy, since they will be isolated immediately”, explained the Minister of Foreign Relations of Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño.

The measure adopted by the bloc reiterates the isolation of the country where a coup d´etat takes place, besides the closure of the border between the affected country and all its neighbors.

Among the restrictions, there will be immediate suspension of the trade, of the air traffic, of the supply of energy and any another fuel element.

The decision will be formalized on the November 26, when the Chiefs of State of the countries of the UNASUR meet in Georgetown, Guyana. The decision was motivated after the uprising in Ecuador last week.

Rafael Correa denounced the attempt of coup d´etat and demanded an energetic reaction of the bloc, which met in emergence character in Buenos Aires.

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