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UNASUR announces Plan of Action for Haiti

This Tuesday, in Porto Principe, the presidents of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, and of Haiti, René Préval, established the Technical and Political Secretariat of the UNASUR-Haiti and announced a Plan of Action for the reconstruction of the country.

Ecuador exercises the presidency pro tempore of the UNASUR, which, starting in September, will be commanded by Guyana.

The UNASUR will donate to Haiti US$ 100 millions.

In the beginning of the year, the block destined US$ 100 millions to the country because of the earthquake of February.

Subsequently, other US$ 200 millions were promised for the reconstruction of Haiti.

According to Rafael Correa, US$ 70 millions will be released still this month and the remainder until the end of the year.

The Plan of Action of the UNASUR for Haiti contemplates projects in the areas of agriculture, food security, reduction of risks, protection against floods and hurricanes, support to the governance for the establishment of public infrastructures, technical support and in economical resources.

Most of the initiatives will be implemented by the Haitian ministries of Agriculture, Interior and Planning.

The earthquake of January 12 killed nearly 300 thousand people and left another 300 thousand wounded. The economical damage exceeds 120 percent of the Haitian GDP, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

For the UNASUR, Haiti must lead the whole process of reconstruction of the country.

Correa affirmed that the block won´t allow that there is in Haiti a “humanitarian imperialism”.

Technical Secretariat

The Technical Secretariat UNASUR-Haiti includes the ambassadors of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Ecuador. Venezuela didn´t indicate its representative.

The mechanism will have as principal mission to coordinate, with the government of Haiti, the reconstruction activities.

The Argentinean lawyer Rodolfo Matarollo, who will coordinate the work, secured that the Plan of Action will be implemented quickly and efficiently.

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